Renowned tattoo artist with prosthetic arm attends Buenos Aires event ARGENTINA TATTOOS

Renowned tattoo artist with prosthetic arm attends Buenos Aires event

09 de marzo de 2018

Buenos Aires, Mar 9 (efe-epa).- The 14th Tattoo Show held in Buenos Aires starting Friday will feature as guest of honor Frenchman JC Sheitan, who is famous for being the first artist to tattoo people with a prosthesis.

Sheitan has worked as a tattoo artist for more than a decade, however he always used his left hand, as he lost his right arm at the age of 10, until his friend, sculptor Jean-Louis Gonzalez, designed a prosthesis fitted with a tattoo machine two years ago.

"There are parts of a tattoo that I do with my left hand and smaller parts that I do with the prosthesis," Sheitan told EFE.

Although neither he nor Gonzalez have the intention of marketing the invention, Sheitan said that it could give ideas to other people in his same situation.

"It could give them ideas regarding how to make prostheses that aren't fitted with a hand but with different tools that they might need," he said.

Sheitan has become an inspiration to many tattoo artists, not only because of his prosthesis, but as an artist in his own right, becoming highly coveted.

"At first, people who I tattoo are a little worried but after I start many have told me that my tattoos are less painful with my prosthesis than with my left hand," Sheitan said.

Many admirers have already signed up on a list to be tattooed by Sheitan at this weekend's Tattoo Show.

"When the convention opens its doors, I don't think I will have much free time," he jokingly said.

The Buenos Aires Tattoo Show, which ends March 11, will bring together hundreds of tattoo artists from 15 different countries, as well as offer concerts and tattoo and piercing equipment.