12 de agosto de 2020

2019 YUKON XL Denali

The 2019 YUKON XL Denali is spectacular inside and out, perfect for the whole family. It is safe, comfortable and has plenty of space to put luggage or carry large amounts of cargo. The back seats fold down with a touch of a button. Its leather seats are the framework of its elegance.

What I liked about the Yukon was the heads up display (HUD) and the active cruise control. The HUD makes it easy and safe to see information without looking away from the road. The adaptive cruise control is also very useful on the freeway. It maintains a safe distance when coming up on a slower moving car.

In addition, it is a safe car for children, who can travel entertained by the amount of functions that this 2019 YUKON XL Denali has, including a flip down media player for the back passengers with their respective headphones. This innovative car has an advanced navigation system and 8 inch color touchscreen with voice recognition, Bluetooth audio and 4G LTE WI-FI. My mother loved it since she saw it and even more so when she saw the automatic running board come out to help her step up into the car.  Go to your nearest GMC dealer and drive one today, you will be impressed!

By Rossana Drumond

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