25 de mayo de 2020
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Daily COVID-19 pandemic roundup: April 5

(Update: Adds information from the US, the UK, France, Italy, Haiti and Latin America)

(Update: Adds information from the US, the UK, France, Italy, Haiti and Latin America)

Miami Desk, Apr 5 (efe-epa).- Here is a roundup of stories from around the world related to the coronavirus pandemic:

US: The daughter of a passenger on board the cruise ship Coral Princess, which docked on Saturday at the Port of Miami with Covid-19 cases on board, announced Sunday that her father had died in a Miami hospital where he was admitted after being evacuated from the ship, where two other people had already died from coronavirus complications. The man's wife is also awaiting evacuation from the cruise ship, and she is showing symptoms of the virus.

UK: Queen Elizabeth II delivered a televised address to the nation on Sunday asking for Britons to remain "united" to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed 4,903 people in this country among the 47,806 confirmed cases.

UK: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 55, was admitted to a London hospital as a "precaution" due to persistent symptoms - including a "high temperature" - caused by the coronavirus, for which he tested positive on March 27 and has remained isolated ever since.

FRANCE: The French Health Ministry on Sunday reported 8,078 deaths to date from the coronavirus, 5,889 of which have occurred in hospitals and 2,189 that have occurred in care facilities for the elderly.

ITALY: Italy reported an additional 525 deaths from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours on Sunday, bringing the total number of fatalities in the pandemic in this country to 15,887 and the number of confirmed cases to 128,948, although health authorities reported that the rise in the infection curve appears to be decelerating, which is interpreted as a positive sign that the epidemic may be reaching its peak.

BRAZIL: Brazilian authorities on Sunday reported more than 11,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, 852 of them being detected within the past 24 hours, and a death toll of 486 so far, 54 more than on Saturday. Health authorities say that 81 percent of the fatalities are over age 60 and the country is experiencing an overall death rate of 4.4 percent, with most of the cases (4,620) and dead (275) being in Sao Paulo state, Brazil's largest, followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 1,594 cases and 64 deaths.

ECUADOR: Some 4,000 cardboard coffins have been assembled in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in which to bury Covid-19 victims, while the army continues its recent efforts to collect the bodies. Official figures do not exist, but one report is that some 350 people have died in the past week or so of the coronavirus in the coastal city of 2.7 million. Ecuador has registered 3.646 confirmed coronavirus cases (2,524 of them in Guayaquil), with both hospitals and funeral homes being overwhelmed.

CHILE: Chilean Health Minister Jaime Mañalich said Sunday that a total of 4,471 confirmed coronavirus cases have been detected here, while 34 people have died, seven of them in the past 24 hours.

HAITI: The Haitian government reported the country's first death from the coronavirus on Sunday, a 55-year-old man who also suffered from hypertension and diabetes. So far, 21 confirmed cases of the virus have been registered here.

CUBA: Havana raised its tally of confirmed coronavirus cases on Sunday to 320, eight of whom have died. A total of 1,887 people remain hospitalized, either confirmed or suspected cases, while healthcare personnel monitor them.

PERU: Peruvian health authorities reported 535 new cases of coronavirus, the largest one-day increase since the epidemic hit the country, where 2,281 people are already infected and 83 have died.

COSTA RICA: Costa Rican authorities reported Sunday that a total of 454 people have been infected with the coronavirus, an increase of 19 in the past 24 hours, and two have died, while other officials announced a strengthening of border controls with the start of Holy Week.

VENEZUELA: Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez on Sunday criticized Colombian President Ivan Duque for the "scant attention" he is paying to "the right to health," referring to what she said was the Colombian leader's refusal to accept Covid-19 testing equipment offered to him by his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro. Colombia has more than 1,400 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 35 deaths, while Venezuela reports 159 cases and 7 deaths.

GERMANY: University Hospital Erlangen in southern Germany has received authorisation to produce therapeutic plasma to treat Covid-19 patients and has urged people who have recovered from the disease to donate blood. There have been more than 97,000 confirmed cases and 1,400 deaths in the country, making it the fourth worst affected behind the United States, Italy and Spain.

UNITED KINGDOM: Authorities reported 621 deaths in the past day, putting the total above 4,900 and 5,903 new infections, with more than 48,300 in total. Queen Elizabeth II was due to address the nation in a televised statement on Sunday evening.

IRAN: President Hassan Rouhani announced that "low risk" economic activities will resume in a week, although the outbreak has not been controlled in the country, with 58,200 infections and 3,600 deaths with 2,483 infections and 151 fatalities in the past 24 hours.

GREECE: The government has quarantined 1,000 people at a second refugee camp for two weeks after a 53-year-old Afghani man at Malakasa Camp, 40 kilometres north of Athens, tested positive.

SOUTH SUDAN: Authorities reported the first case in the country, a woman who had travelled from the Netherlands through Addis Ababa.

BELGIUM: The number of people discharged from hospital in the last 24 hours exceeded the number of admissions for the first time since the outbreak began in the country, which had almost 19,700 cases and 14,400 fatalities.

CHINA: The country's health commission registered 30 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday - 25 of them from abroad - and three new deaths, all in Wuhan, the origin of the outbreak. According to the commission, there were also 11 new suspected cases, also of Chinese citizens who continue to return to the country from affected areas.

BRAZIL: President Jair Bolsonaro, called for a national religious fast Sunday to overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The call was reinforced with a video released on social networks where the president and several pastors invite the Brazilian people to participate in the "greatest campaign of fasting and prayer seen in the history of Brazil."

MEXICO: Mexico reported 19 deaths Saturday and 202 new cases of COVID-19, to reach 1,890 infections, while the country's health authorities launched a call to add doctors and nurses to combat the pandemic.


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