28 de marzo de 2020
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Innovative pay methods to be showcased at Super Bowl

Miami, Jan 30 (efe-epa).- Multinational technology giant Visa will have more than 800 contactless payment points in the stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, where this Sunday Super Bowl LIV (i.e. 54) will be played.

Miami, Jan 30 (efe-epa).- Multinational technology giant Visa will have more than 800 contactless payment points in the stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, where this Sunday Super Bowl LIV (i.e. 54) will be played.

Fans, many of them from Latin America, will be able to use those 800 pay sites to make their purchases more quickly and securely.

More than 65,000 people are expected to jam the Hard Rock Stadium on Feb. 2, some 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Miami, for the National Football League title - a contest pitting the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers - but tens of millions more all over the world will be watching on television.

Saquon Barkley, a player for the New York Giants, one of the new NFL teams being sponsored by Visa, who is also an NFL sponsor, on Thursday spoke about the advantages of using prepaid cards and other devices such as rings, watches and bracelets featuring contactless pay technology.

Surrounded by reporters and football fans, Barkley spoke about the experience of paying with Visa devices at a famous Miami Beach hamburger restaurant, where he was encouraged to prepare a few for the cameras before getting onto a public bus where he obviously paid his fare with a prepaid Visa card.

Miren Vicente, vice president for Visa sponsorships, told Efe that the Super Bowl means a lot for a company that is one of the key sponsors for big sports events, including the Olympic Games and the soccer World Cup.

The game is the finale of the NFL season and shows the firm's commitment to "our teams, fans, customers and business partners."

Vicente, who is of Venezuelan and Spanish origin, also emphasized that "there is a growing trend toward watching the Super Bowl and American football in Latin America" and Visa wants to extend the benefits of its sponsorship to those countries via promotions among those who use the brand's payment methods."

In this year's Super Bowl, promotions were made in more than a dozen countries in Latin America and 150 consumers were awarded the chance to attend the game in person and experience all that goes with the NFL final, including making purchase payments with advanced technology that allows them "not to miss the best play," she said.

Not only are these methods faster than traditional payment methods, but they are also more secure, she emphasized.

Barkley said he loves jewelry - and was sporting a necklace and earrings with number 26 on them, his jersey number, along with assorted rings - and he uses contactless cards to make his merchandise purchases and to buy things at airports, he told EFE.

"I love partnering with Visa because the main focus is giving back. So many things to do and (I) want to make folks ... give back to local communities, especially women-owned (businesses)," said Barkley, who gave his mother, his daughter and his sister as examples.

"That's what life is going to, that's the world going to a quick and easier way and Visa does it with contactless cards," he said.

His said his pick in this year's Super Bowl is the 49ers, but he expects it to be a "very tight" game.

The San Francisco team is one of the nine NFL teams that have been sponsored by Visa, which - besides being on hand with its payment technology at the Hard Rock Stadium - has reserved a large space at the Miami Beach Convention Center, where the "NFL Experience" is being held.

Visa is the favored payment method in the NFL store at the convention center, where fans can buy every kind of memorabilia offered by the Super Bowl and the league.

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