Activists: Trump wants to take away transgender rights

    22 de octubre de 2018

    Washington, Oct 22 (EFE).- The American Civil Liberties Union reacted strongly on Monday to reports that President Donald Trump's administration is working on redefining the concept of gender to restrict rights for transgender people.

    Transgender activist and ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio criticized the content of a government memo leaked to The New York Times.

    The Department of Health and Human Services, according to the story in Sunday's Times, is seeking to establish a legal definition for gender under Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which bans educational institutions from receiving federal funds based on sex or sexual orientation.

    The memo states that gender should be defined according to a clear biological basis and an unchangeable factor that is determined at birth, a move that would de facto eradicate the recognition of transgender people.

    "We know the federal government is poised to attack us for the duration of this administration, and we absolutely must preserve the rights we have secured at the state level, inconsistent as they may be across the country," Strangio said.

    The lawyer cited a recent bill cleared by the New York City Council that would allow "non-binary" citizens to obtain gender neutral birth certificates in 2019.

    Strangio pointed out that nothing indicates that the federal government is going to reject the New York City norm because it has a non-binary framework and that states will, in all likelihood, be able to maintain their protections.