Spanish university to train Paraguayans as negotiators

    19 de octubre de 2018

    Asuncion, Oct 19 (efe-epa).- Spain's University of Salamanca (USAL) will teach a course in Paraguay to train mediators and negotiators with a view to the 2023 renegotiation of the treaty governing the hydroelectric use of the Itaipu Dam that Paraguay shares with Brazil.

    Under the accord signed Friday, USAL chancellor Ricardo Rivero told EFE, the Spanish university will offer a training course "for international mediators and negotiators" together with the Asuncion campus of the Paraguayan-German University (UPA) and the Paraguayan Industrial Union.

    The course, he added, "will help make sure that in the upcoming arbitration that will be so important for the country, the results in economic and legal terms will be the most wished for."

    He noted that USAL contributes "the training program, the experts and professors, along with our expertise in the different disciplines that must form part of the program."

    The training will be given at the UPA and "some elements in Spain," Rivero said, and it will be financed by Itaipu Binacional, the organization that manages the dam.

    For his part, the Paraguayan director general of Itaipu, Jose Alberto Alderete, hailed the accord because "in an increasingly globalized economy" and "amid a process of regional integration, it is vital that we train young Paraguayan professionals."

    The course, planned for teaching 60 students, will be given between March and July 2019, with the requirement that some 300 hours will be taught by USAL professors and international experts with experience in high-level mediation.

    Rivero also recalled that USAL's collaboration with Paraguay began "several years ago" and includes training programs "for top officials of institutions" like the Central Bank, the Attorney General's Office and the Controller General's Office.