Filming "Museum" gave me superpowers, says Mexican Actor Gael Garcia

    15 de octubre de 2018

    Mexico City, Oct 15 (efe-epa).- Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal said that shooting the film "Museum" gave him an "unrepeatable" chance to interact with an assortment of historically charged archaeological pieces.

    "Something was happening, I don't know," Garcia Bernal told a press conference. "Beyond the insight and spiritual journey we could have embarked in, I think we got a certain superpower. Maybe useless, but good nevertheless."

    "Museum," filmmaker Alonso Ruizpalacios's second feature film, tells the story of the robbers who extracted as many as 140 archaeological pieces from Mexico City's Museum of Anthropology shortly after the 1985 earthquake that left thousands of people dead.

    "Making this film and being invited to participate in this act of faith was a very lovely opportunity," Garcia Bernal, who portrays Juan, a character who experiences a loss of innocence in the movie, said.

    Years ago, screenwriter Manuel Alcala started to work on a script that revolved around the robbery, but the project took its final shape when Ruizpalacios came into the mix, so much so, that the team decided to drift away from the real story, even warning moviegoers that the film is a "replica" of what actually happened.

    The film also touches on other topics, such as the need for acceptance and the appreciation for one's heritage, as well as the importance of family and the search for identity.

    "I am not interested in films that revise history just for the sake of it," Ruizpalacios said, adding that he also steers clear of the fetishization of history. "I'm interested in a revision just as long as it has something to say."