HBO's new comedy Camping to premiere Sunday

    13 de octubre de 2018

    Los Angeles, Oct 13 (efe-epa).- "Camping," a comedy series starring Jennifer Garner and David Tennant, written and produced by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner (who produced "Girls"), is set to premiere Sunday on HBO.

    The series follows the story of Kathryn (played by Garner), an obsessive and controlling woman who decides to go camping with her husband (Tennant) to celebrate his birthday along with close friends and family.

    But what was supposed to be a magical outdoor celebration soon becomes a nightmare and a test of marriage and friendships.

    Juliette Lewis, Ione Skye, Bridget Everett and Arturo del Puerto complete the cast of the series, based on a British show of the same name created by Julia Davis.

    "This is a crucial moment in my career," Del Puerto said during a meeting with reporters attended by EFE.

    "I think HBO is the best television network, which has the best programs and the best ideas. Their series are unique. Eight years ago, when I arrived in Los Angeles, I told myself that I wanted to star in an HBO show, and here I am," he said.

    Del Puerto, whose mother is from Puerto Rico, has acted in films such as "Independence Day: Resurgence" and "CHIPS."

    Del Puerto's character in "Camping" is Miguel, who recently separated from his wife and who expresses his emotional instability through his extravagant clothing.

    Konner explained that "many people were interviewed for the role" of Miguel, but "nobody convinced us."

    "Luckily Arturo came along and we loved him. He himself bought the wardrobe and created a wild and funny character. He really seems to be going through a crisis," the producer said.

    The actor, who has also starred in the film "Ride Along 2" and the series "Fear the Walking Dead," said that playing Miguel "has been very gratifying," as many Hollywood roles respond to "stereotypes."

    "I nearly always play the role of a drug trafficker, a gardener, a murderer or a pimp," the actor said.

    "I have portrayed all the preconceived ideas of what Latinos are. These ideas that many studios have are completely wrong, which is why it has been great to be able to play a normal person for once: a lawyer with family who has mundane problems," Del Puerto said.