Kanye West meets with Trump, says he makes him feel like Superman

    11 de octubre de 2018

    Washington, Oct 11 (efe-epa).- Rapper Kanye West was welcomed by President Donald Trump to the Oval Office on Thursday, where in a rather bizarre audience he gave a long and confused monologue in which he described the president as a "hero" who he said makes him feel "like Superman" when he wears the red baseball cap popularized by supporters of the former real estate mogul.

    Among his other remarks, West said "Trump is on his hero's journey right now. And might not have thought he'd have a crazy motherf---er like Kanye West's support."

    The musician - a fervent backer of Trump who has made news recently by calling for the abolition of the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery - was invited to the White House to have a working lunch with the president and chat with him about how to prevent gang violence and reform the US prison system.

    Reporters were given access to the first portion of their meeting, in which the rapper rambled - at times almost incoherently, jumping quickly from one topic to another - for more than 10 minutes about political divisions in the US, this country's trade policies, mistakes that in his judgment African-Americans are making and even his own mental health, claiming that he was mistakenly diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he really was merely suffering from sleep deprivation.

    Seated across Trump's desk from the president and wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap, West told the president that when he wears the cap he feels "like Superman. You made a Superman cape for me."

    Trump remained silent during West's entire monologue, looking somewhat uncomfortable but apparently amused and enjoying the singer's soliloquy and - after he was finished - said "I'll tell you what, that was pretty impressive. That was quite something," later going on to praise the singer as "a smart guy."

    Reporters were able to ask West some questions after he delivered his at times profanity-laced remarks, asking him - among other things - whether he would consider running for president, to which he replied "only after 2024," when Trump would be out of office after a potential second term.

    "I don't answer questions in simple soundbites. You are tasting a fine wine," West said.

    After West was done, Trump said that the rapper "gets it," adding that he - as president - hates to see the crime and violence in the singer's home town of Chicago, whereupon West told Trump "I love you" and came around the desk to give him a hug.