Argentine president inaugurates biogas-fueled electric plant

    14 de septiembre de 2018

    Buenos Aires, Sep 14 (EFE).- President Mauricio Macri inaugurated on Friday a biogas-fueled electric plant in the Argentine province of Cordoba that he said will supply energy to 12,000 households and generate "quality jobs."

    "A country can't grow without energy," he said during the ceremony at the plant in Rio Cuarto, which he described as one of 150 renewable-energy projects under way nationwide..

    Within a few years, Macri said, Argentina will be able to export gas and oil while benefiting from "affordable energy to add value" to commodities.

    "This is the country we all want, a country that grows from creating quality jobs," the president said.

    Before inaugurating the Rio Cuarto plant, Macri visited a new wind farm in Achiras, 70km (43mi) away, equipped with 15 turbines generating 48 MW of power, enough to supply energy to 47,000 homes.