Film exhibit opens in Paraguay showing antique celluloid reels

    18 de julio de 2018

    Asuncion, Jul 18 (efe-epa).- Paraguay's Film Showcase opened Wednesday with a celluloid reel exhibition that shines a light on life in the South American country of the 1920s and on.

    Stills showing the aftermath of the cyclone that pounded the city of Encarnacion in 1924 and a demonstration in Asuncion against the Bolivian occupation of the Chaco region in 1928 are among the assortment of cinematic treasures on display at the Ignacio Nuñez Soler Visual Arts Center.

    The exhibit also features projections of old material that has been salvaged and digitized, an initiative fostered by the cultural arm of Congress in 2004.

    Images of a St. Blaise procession through downtown Asuncion - complete with its traditional display of military and religious pomp - as well as footage of a group of Boy Scouts heading to an expedition to Brazil and Uruguay are part of the Carron-Quell collection, which was digitized at France's National Audiovisual Institute in Paris.

    The set also includes the 1930 funeral of President Eligio Ayala.

    Film historian Manuel Cuenca added music and informational captions to the images, a task entrusted to him by the Carrion family.

    Another part of the exhibit is centered on reels belonging to the Julio E. Motte collection, comprising news-reel footage from the period 1947-1949.

    "It allows us to see the way the country used to be," Cuenca told EFE. "It is very important to see ourselves reflected (in the footage), especially during troublesome times."