Ecuador condemns deadly violence in Nicaragua

    16 de julio de 2018

    Quito, Jul 15 (efe-epa).- Ecuador on Sunday expressed its concern and condemnation over the growing violence in Nicaragua that has left hundreds killed and injured.

    The Ecuadorian government said in an official statement that in accordance with its commitment to promoting and protecting human rights, Ecuador "reiterates its profound concern over the serious situation that prevails in Nicaragua."

    In the statement, the Ecuadorian government condemned in the strongest terms the growing number of human rights violations reported by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) as well as other Nicaraguan and international bodies.

    "Ecuador rejects in particular the belligerent acts perpetrated by the public force against the students of the Autonomous University of Nicaragua and members of the Catholic Church that participate in the National Dialogue process," added the text.

    The Ecuadorian government also urged the Nicaraguan government to guarantee and respect the rights of the civilians, investigate and punish those responsible for acts of violence, as well as resume the necessary actions within the framework of the National Dialogue to find a peaceful and democratic solution to the crisis.

    Human rights organizations say that at least 351 people have died in unrest that began in mid-April with protests against a government proposal - since withdrawn - to make changes to the pension system.

    Protesters are demanding the resignation of President Daniel Ortega, who was re-elected in 2016 with more than 70 percent of the vote.