Retired Uruguayans demand larger pension increase

    13 de julio de 2018

    Montevideo, Jul 13 (efe-epa).- Hundreds of retirees demonstrated Friday in front of Uruguay's Congress to demand an increase in their pensions larger than the additional 288 pesos ($9) a month proposed by the government.

    The secretary general of Uruguay's National Association of Retiree and Pensioner Associations (ONAJPU), Daniel Baldassari, expressed his dissatisfaction with the government proposal, which was submitted to lawmakers on June 30.

    "We have received a proposal from the executive branch for an increase of 288 pesos, but given the way it would be applied brings it down to around 188 pesos ($6), and therefore we demand an adjustment of the minimum pension as well as other concessions," he said.

    The group's other demands include larger pensions for people over 70 and expanded health-care benefits, according to ONAJPU President Brenda Mora.

    "Several million dollars to cover the needs of retirees who receive 11,000 pesos ($350) a month will not change any aspect of the macroeconomy," Baldassari said.