Mexican actress happy with dream role in "Goliath"

    14 de junio de 2018

    Los Angeles, Jun 14 (efe-epa).- Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera on Thursday said that starring in "Goliath" - the second season of which is set to premiere Friday - is the best moment of her career.

    "I got my dream role after 11 years in the United States," De la Reguera, 41, told EFE in an interview. "It is a starring role alongside an incredible actor (Billy Bob Thornton) with such a powerful production house. I am doing everything I had ever wanted to do. I know where I'm going and I'm not wasting time doing things I don't want to do."

    In the show, she plays Marisol Silva, a woman aspiring to become the first female Hispanic mayor of Los Angeles, who sees the road to success become increasingly complicated.

    "I had never played a politician," she said. "I liked the complexity of the decisions she has to make - even though she doesn't want to - to win the election. Along the way, her dreams and ideals start crumbling. She will realize that she needs to become corrupt to survive in this world."

    De la Reguera - who has participated in films such as "Nacho Libre" and "Cowboys & Aliens" - said that "Goliath" has been her best Hollywood experience so far.

    In the second season, Billy McBride (Thornton) returns to practicing law when the teenage son of a friend is arrested in connection with a double homicide.

    During the investigation, he discovers a murky web of shady characters involved in the city's political sphere.

    "Ten years ago I was a different age, but I wouldn't have been offered a role as complex as this," the actress said. "I used to be called to portray sexy Latinas, which did not require much acting."