Penarol beats The Strongest but no ticket to round of 16

    18 de mayo de 2018

    Montevideo, May 17 (efe-epa).- Uruguay's Penarol did not get the ticket to the round of 16 of Copa Libertadores despite its 2-0 victory over Bolivia's The Strongest on Thursday in Montevideo as it needed Paraguayan Libertad's victory over Argentina's Tucumán Athletic, which finished the match 0-0.

    The Strongest fell to the bottom team of the group and got eliminated.

    Now, Penarol will have to compete in the upcoming Copa Sudamericana as the team finished third in the group stage.

    Striker Cristian Palacios shot an opening goal at the 19th minute with a pass from midfielder Maximiliano Rodriguez.

    With one point on the scoreboard, Penarol remained patient and continued to control the ball.

    In the 33rd minute, midfielder Fabian Estoyanoff missed the opportunity to stretch the lead with an imprecise pass.

    However, another opportunity came up in the 34th minute when a rival player, Henry Vaca, committed a foul inside the penalty area.

    The referee, Colombian Andres Rojas, granted a penalty kick to Penarol. Cristian 'Cebolla' Rodriguez then took a powerful shot into the middle of the box guarded by goalkeeper Daniel Vaca at the 37th minute, sealing another goal for the Uruguayan team.

    At the 42nd minute, defender Valverde lost his ball to Palacios, who then led the ball towards the goal and nearly scored another point for Penarol.

    As the second half began, the Bolivian team, led by the Venezuelan Cesar Faria, went back to the field with a more aggressive play but Penarol managed to take back control of the game shortly after.

    Later in the match, the referee gave the second yellow card to young midfielder Franco Martinez over a handball, for which he had to leave the field.

    As Penarol was left with less players, The Strongest seemed more relieved and took the occasion to approach towards the goal of Kevin Dawson. However, the Bolivian team did not manage to score. The match ended with Penarol's 2-0 victory over The Strongest.