Bertucci promises to restore Venezuelan economy during campaign closing rally

    17 de mayo de 2018

    Valencia, Venezuela, May 16 (efe-epa).- An opposition candidate for the 2018 Venezuelan presidential elections, promised Wednesday in the closing ceremony of his campaign in Valencia in northern Venezuela to restore the economy of the country within a year if he wins the elections on May 20.

    "I ask for one year to bring back your children to Venezuela and to recover the economy," Javier Bertucci said at the end of his presidential campaign in Valencia, where the Maranatha Evangelical Church is headquartered and retains most followers.

    Bertucci retired from his position as a priest at that church so he could run for election.

    As Bertucci, the presidential candidate for Hope for Change, stepped up on the stage, he said "better days are coming" for Venezuela amid a crowd of thousands of enthusiastic followers which came to support him despite the hot and rainy weather.

    According to Bertucci, the United States and the European Union (EU) assured him that they will send humanitarian aid, which both Bertucci and the opposition had asked the Government to accept, to Venezuela within "two weeks" after he wins the elections.

    The government has refused to receive any foreign aid to relieve the current shortage of food and medicine in the country, claiming that it could lead to a "covert military invasion" by the countries providing them, including the US.

    Bertucci also promised to establish a minimum wage in his first year at $100, exchangeable for bolivars, an amount that he plans to raise to $300 after a year.

    He also asked the armed forces to "respect" what he said would be his "victory" on May 20 and announced that his cabinet would not be made up of politicians, but of managers.