Police find 9 bodies, 4 of them burned, in western Mexico

    19 de abril de 2018

    Guadalajara, Mexico, Apr 19 (efe-epa).- The bodies of nine murder victims, four of them burned, were found in two automobiles abandoned at different spots in the Mexican municipality of Zapopan in western Jalisco state, authorities said Thursday.

    According to a report by Zapopan police, officers on Wednesday night found an abandoned Chevy in the Nextipac neighborhood, inside which were four burned bodies.

    Because of the state of the bodies, authorities could not immediately determine the identities or sex of the victims, or how they had been killed, police said, adding that it is not known when or where the murders occurred.

    At around midnight, police found a second vehicle - a Sentra - at Km 11 on the Colotlan highway in the Hacienda Copala neighborhood, with the bodies of five men showing signs of violent deaths inside.

    Two of the victims were in the back seat and three more were in the trunk, police said, adding that the vehicle had been damaged, apparently in an attempt to set it on fire, but the blaze never took hold.

    The bodies were transported to the Jalisco Forensic Sciences Institute, where authorities will determine the causes of death and attempt to identify the victims.