Ventura Pons receives award at Guadalajara Film Festival

    14 de marzo de 2018

    Guadalajara, Mexico, Mar 14 (efe-epa).- Spanish filmmaker Ventura Pons on Tuesday received the Mayahuel Ibero-American film award recognizing his artistic career during the screening of his most recent film - "Miss Dali" - at Mexico's Guadalajara International Film Festival.

    Upon accepting the award, Pons said he was "very touched" to receive it and was especially thankful that it was presented to him by Mexican director and founder of the festival Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, whom he called his "soul brother."

    In a modest ceremony at the Diana Theater, the Catalan filmmaker wore a yellow ribbon on his lapel, a symbol of support for Catalan politicians currently in prison, adding that Catalonia "is happy" that the 33rd edition of the Mexican festival is dedicated to the autonomous Spanish community.

    Pons gave a yellow ribbon pin to Hermosillo and festival director Ivan Trujillo and finished by saying "Long live freedom! Long live cinema! Long live Guadalajara! Long live Catalonia!"

    The filmmaker attended the festival as one of the leading figures of the delegation of 60 directors from Catalonia, chosen to be the guest of honor at the festival, which runs from March 9-16.

    Pons screened "Miss Dali" for the first time in Guadalajara.

    In the film, he tells the story of avant-garde painter Salvador Dali's (1904-1989) troubled relationship with his sister Anna Maria, as well as the problems that led to the artist breaking ties with his family.

    The film was part of the galas to benefit several non-profit organizations that participate in the festival every year, and the box office proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.