Women across US march on first anniversary of Trump administration

    21 de enero de 2018

    New York, USA, Jan 20 (efe-epa) - Women and men took to the streets in cities across the US for the 2018 Women's march Saturday, with hundreds of thousands demonstrating for gender equality on the first anniversary of US President Donald Trump's administration.

    The rally in New York was expected to be one of the largest, with some 85,000 demonstrators registering for the event online, although the organization noted that the actual figure was higher. According to the mayor's office, 400,000 turned out for last year's march.

    Early in the morning, people were already on the move to join the rally west of Central Park, which was well attended and overflowing with "energy, empowerment and unity," New Yorkers Lisa and Merely told Efe afterwards.

    With widespread criticism of the policies of the Trump administration dominating the nationwide protests, the participants chanted one of their slogans, dedicated to the president on the anniversary of his arrival at the White House "Welcome to your first year, why the hell are you still here?".

    On his Twitter account, Trump seemed to ignore the general sentiment of the demonstrations and wrote that it was "Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March", noting that the United States has the "lowest female unemployment in 18 years."

    Despite Trump's claim, the vast majority of protesters were dissatisfied with the immigration and health care reforms the Trump administration has promoted.

    Protesters were demanding equal rights for women, immigrants and members of the LGBT community, and many were heard shouting feminist slogans against sexual assault.

    Leslie in New York, joined thousands of others in wearing the same pink "pussy" hat she wore in the first marchas a "symbol of a new wave of feminism".

    "It's an important year because we can vote to reclaim the House and Senate and deny power to the president," she told Efe, referring to the midterm elections to be held in November.

    The Women's March organization, which focused last year on Washington DC, when 500,000 people attended, on Saturday sought to turn the protests into political action, encouraging women to run for public office and to exercise their right to vote.

    In Las Vegas, the capital of Nevada, a state which voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the march planned for Sunday would focus on the "PowerToThePolls" campaign and would feature Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter representatives on Sunday to boost voter registration and political mobilization.

    Other prominent cities where thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday were Washington, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the latter with more notoriety because it concentrates much of the Hollywood film industry which has been embroiled in a sex scandal.

    Actresses such as Viola Davis, Natalie Portman and Eva Longoria took the microphone to extol women's empowerment and allude to the Hollywood harassment scandals uncovered in recent months, which have sparked feminist movements and social media campaigns such as MeToo or Time's Up.

    On Saturday and Sunday, there are hundreds of women's rights marches and events planned around the globe in the capitals of countries such as Argentina, Kenya, China, Canada, Australia and Italy.