1 Dead in violent protest against electoral fraud in Honduras

    21 de enero de 2018

    Tegucigalpa, Jan 20 ( efe-epa).- At least one man died Saturday, an apparently elderly person, and several other people were injured during violent protests in the Caribbean province of Colon, where followers of the Opposition Alliance against the Dictatorship protested against suspected fraud in the 2017 elections in Honduras.

    Local media reported that the victim, identified as Anselo Villarreal, was hit be a bullet supposedly shot by the forces of order during a long clash with demonstrators on a highway in the Saba region of Colon.

    Police and soldiers got in a fight with demonstrators when they tried to remove them as part of an operation to stop the protesters from blocking traffic in the area.

    The protest in Saba was one of many on the streets across the nation Saturday, which were called last week by the Opposition Alliance, whose most recent presidential candidate, Salvador Nasralla, figured that in the general elections last Nov. 26, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) committed "fraud."

    Nasralla says he won the election, but then the TSE conjured up a fraud to give the win to the current Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, who sought reelection as leader of the ruling National Party.

    In most of the protests, the forces of order dispersed the protesters with tear gas.

    The demonstrators have left an undetermined number of people injured among civilians, police and the military, and apparently dozens have been arrested by security forces.

    Hernandez is scheduled to begin his second four-year term on Jan. 27, which Nasralla says he aims to prevent.