Paraguay confirms that kidnapped Mennonite settler found dead

    12 de enero de 2018

    Asuncion, Jan 12 (efe-epa).- Remains found in a mass grave in the northern province of San Pedro correspond to a Mennonite settler kidnapped 2 1/2 years ago by the self-styled Army of the Paraguayan People (EPP), authorities said Friday.

    "We are 90 percent confident that the body belongs to Abraham Fehr," prosecutor Joel Cazal told reporters at the medical examiner's office in Asuncion.

    Coroner Pablo Lemir said that while the state of the remains made it practically impossible to determine how Fehr died, he had been able to rule out shooting or stabbing as cause of death.

    The body might have been buried as long as two years ago, he said.

    The remains were discovered Thursday after EPP flyers with Fehr's name accompanied by geographical coordinates appeared on a ranch in San Pedro.

    Fehr's parents arrived in Asuncion on Friday to aid in the identification of the remains.

    Fehr, 38, was abducted Aug. 8, 2015, while working in the fields at the Mennonite agricultural settlement of Manitoba.

    The EPP has claimed responsibility for the abductions four months ago of two other Mennonite settlers, while the rebels have been holding police Cpl. Edelio Moronigo since July 2014.

    A prominent rancher in San Pedro, Felix Urbieta is also missing. Authorities suspect he was kidnapped by an EPP splinter group.