Venezuelan opposition: No talks in Dominican Republic on Wednesday

    14 de noviembre de 2017

    Caracas, Nov 14 (efe-epa).- Lawmaker Luis Florido, a negotiator for the Venezuelan opposition in the political dialogue with the Nicolas Maduro government, announced Tuesday that the session scheduled for Wednesday in the Dominican Republic - at which the talks were to resume - will not take place.

    "What is it that we've seen? That to date the foreign ministers have not been invited, and obviously the international negotiation process cannot occur until the foreign ministers are invited," Florido told reporters at the National Assembly in Caracas.

    The opposition MUD alliance on Saturday had declared the talks to be "suspended" since the government had not approved the presence of the foreign ministers of Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Nicaragua as demanded by the opposition to guarantee that what is agreed upon will be carried out.

    "An international negotiation process requires the presence of the states that are going to comprise this group. Without that, it will not be possible. We're seeking a date when all (the foreign ministers) can attend such that the process may begin properly and end properly," Florido said Tuesday.

    The lawmaker - the national director of the Popular Will party, founded by key opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who is under house arrest - said that once the negotiating session is constituted with the presence of the foreign ministers "it will be a short process, perhaps two or three days in all," although he provided no further details.