Weddings in a tropical forest, Costa Rica's latest trend

    16 de julio de 2017

    By Maria Jose Brenes

    San Jose, Jul 16 (efe-epa).- Weddings deep in the heart of a tropical forest is the latest trend in Costa Rica and is attracting more and more couples looking for a truly intimate ceremony surrounded by the luxuriant beauties of nature.

    Costa Rica, a country covering 51,100 sq. kilometers (19,700 sq. miles) that contains 4.7 percent of the planet's biodiversity, is a paradise of beaches, volcanoes, forests and natural beauty.

    Located just 24 kilometers (15 miles) from the nation's capital, San Jose, the Rainforest Adventures company, whose property adjoins Braulio Carrillo National Park, allows the betrothed to go deep in the jungle and immerse themselves in the green vegetation and the countless species of birds and wild felines.

    Such nature-lovers have typically tied the knot with civil weddings on the beach with the sound of the waves in the background, but the new trend to the tropical forest is gaining popularity.

    Being surrounded by hummingbirds, toucans, woodpeckers, sloths, butterflies, frogs, as well as orchids, ferns, moss and lichens is an entirely new experience.

    Trees up to 20 meters (65 feet) tall shape the landscape while adorning the surroundings with every shade of green, a backdrop that make the bride in white stand out as only she deserves.

    "You might think these are weddings for adventurers, but the most super elegant ceremonies can be staged here...or the most natural and spontaneous," wedding organizer and host Brenda Fienny told EFE.

    According to the wedding expert, by involving the five senses and peacefully breathing clean air, listening to birdcalls, seeing a completely green landscape, smelling the freshness of the plants and touching the different textures make this day unlike any other.

    "Every wedding is special and the fact that vows are exchanged in a place like this will make it unforgettable because, though it might sound a little pretentious, it's a memory that will forever be treasured in the heart.