Maduro wants probe on Movistar, authorizes lawsuit against Capriles

    21 de abril de 2017

    Caracas, Apr 20 (efe-epa).- The president of Venezuela on Thursday called for an investigation on the subsidiary of the Spanish telecommunications company Movistar in Venezuela, accusing it of having joined the "coupist summons" to mobilize anti-government demonstrators.

    He also "authorized" a lawsuit against opposition leader Henrique Capriles for defaming and accusing the authorities for the violent repression.

    On the obligatory radio and television broadcast of an event in Caracas, the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said that "every two hours the company Movistar sends millions of messages to Movistar users via telephone and Internet" regarding Wednesday's massive nationwide anti-government demonstrations.

    Maduro said that Movistar "should know, it is not its duties," adding that more than "$100 million" has been invested in the "coupist summons" from opposition forces to challenge his government.

    The president said that "the Zamora strategic plan has been initiated" in order to maintain internal order in the wake of the alleged threats of coup, and stressed that he will not allow "any destabilization, any disturbances, any coup" to happen.

    Maduro asked for investigations on Movistar after announcing that his government has recently created a "cyberwar unit" because "Venezuela has been subjected to a tremendous cyberwar by the media and by the internet."

    In addition, Maduro said on Wednesday that he has "authorized" a lawsuit against the opposition leader Henrique Capriles, accusing him of having "defamed" the government as well as the army for making them responsible for the deaths in anti-government protests.

    "That rubbish that Capriles came up with to blame the government, the revolution, the army, the National Guard (GNB, militarized police), I have already authorized a lawsuit, a complaint for that," Maduro said on the obligatory television broadcast during an event in Caracas.

    "They always accuse me. I'm going to defend myself. I have a right, don't I? I'm going to file a lawsuit to prove the truth and he will have to pay for his lie," the president added.

    Maduro said that the woman who died on Wednesday in the western state of Tachira was "murdered by a militant, a leader of a party in the opposition coalition MUD (Democratic Unity Roundtable)."

    He also mentioned that the GNB official who died on Wednesday night during protests in a community in the Miranda state, near Caracas, was murdered "criminally and vilely by these fascist right-wing gangs."

    "We have already launched an investigation and we are close to catching the killer who belongs to a Venezuelan right-wing organization," he said.

    Capriles, for his part, said on Wednesday that Venezuelans who have died during the anti-government demonstrations in recent weeks have been "killed by Mr. Maduro's security forces."

    The demonstrations have so far left three people dead, 62 injured and 312 arrested, according to the Venezuelan Public Prosecutor's Office.